Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quite strange!!!!!!

Sometimes I feel that we all are puppets, surrendering our strings to people we adore. A complete tug of war between, what we desire, and what we express. Why is it so? Why we captivate ourselves in a frame of apprehensions and pretensions?And once the frame is casted we helplessly try to wriggle out. I guess its all a game of innocent, undying desire, an unending quest to seize all the happiness in the world and shower it on people we admire in abundance.We all have, at one point of time ,veiled our pain by donning a mask of sanctity to insure our cherished one's happiness.But don't you think, sometimes we cast a net to catch dreams for others and in process end up snipping their and our wings off. The thought was indeed divine, what about the repercussions????

Quite strange

How we invite them
To enter our jungle of thoughts
To oppress our unbending decisions
To incite us to the forlornness
To command our submissions

How we allow them
To make us dance like puppets on strings
To push us in maze of self-proclaimed insecurities
To entice us for imaginative conversations
To raise us to immeasurable length of insanities

How we beckon them
To take us for a trail on our untiring feet
To fly us beyond worries and anxieties
To tread us on a conscious painful road
To make us travel against hope and satieties

How we permit them
To chatter with our heart who lives in silence
To befriend our soul who is an inveterate anomic
To give unavailing hopes a paramount importance
To dictate our whim; to tame our nightmare eccentric

How can they???




Bhavin said...

We, humans ,are molded like that...:)

dhawal said...

only we in our heart know the answerr to this questions...! that wat is called self-discovery...!!

Minisha said...

yea.. a painful journey though.. but arn't we willing to do anything for the people we care for?
i guess thats what make us human, god's prodigy

Anonymous said...

Its are will and innocence from childhood to have good people around us. People to share with.
Friends are one in whom we try to find our will of happiness and care.