Monday, February 25, 2013

Girl that scribbles.....

Try knowing that girl who scribble
Try listening as she rarely speaks
Lend her your dreams for a day;
And she will write you a masterpiece.

Try understanding the girl that scribble
She who is pronounced a rigid soul
Tell her you still abide by faith and trust
And that we can always get up if we fall

Embrace this girl that scribble
She who shivers in the darkness of fear
Hide her in a protected corner sometime
Show her that people still do care

Talk with the girl that scribbles
Force her to express what she feels inside
She might charm you with her innocence
She might keep her masks aside

Walk with the girl that writes,
Give her, unending long roads to glory
Give her the confidence of your company
And you might get to know her inside story

Hear out this girl who scribbles
Show her that the world is not of stone
Let her show you her vulnerability
And make you feel it in every bone.

Try bonding with the girl that scribbles
She who does not believe in any ties
The girl who keeps getting punished
As she often break the shackles,she flies

Laugh with the girl that scribbles
She's cried enough under the rain. 
She can make you smile,but her giggles are lost
Tell her that she can laugh again

There is this girl who scribbles
She who I see in my reflection
She who is stark opposite to me
Me the fake she the perfection

She is the emotion, I am the cold
I am the laugher, she is the cry
I am the hidden, she is the confession
I am pretentious glee, she an honest sigh

I avoided this girl that writes ,for long
Now there she lays, all pale and feeble
Still calling out my name in lithe whispers
This little girl in me that scribbles....

Sunday, February 17, 2013

He Said.. She Said

He said open your eyes, nothing's gonna change...
She said when emotions are true; change is out of range..
He said why should we choose to get hurt again and again..
She said, getting hurt is akin to being alive, relations are dead if you feel no pain..
He said how could you still smile and greet memories, so disdain..
She said no matter how black the patch is, my memories stay porcelain..
He said damage is done there's no scope of rectification..
She said, all happens for good, failures leads me to perfection..
He said why don't you learn from mistakes and get practical...
She said, I can't see any mistake, I follow my heart, and my heart is amicable..
He said reaching out is insanity when you yourself is down with bruises..
She said no its sane as indulgence helps me forget; it gives me excuses...
He said be a bit blunt else people might use you, take you for granted...
She said let them, they are doing what they want and I'm doing what I always wanted...
He said my perception differs, my side!! You will never ever understand...
She said, yes I might not be understanding, but i still have a reaching out hand...
He said so you feel nothing, no anger, no pain, no remorse, no rage...
She said who says I feel nothing, But what's the fun keeping injured bird in the cage..
He said so you will keep on being what you are, you won't tame...
She said I'm proud of what I am; I’ll choose to stay the same...
He said but this nature made you suffer, still you'll choose to be?
She said yes coz this very nature earned me a friend like you, so I'll still choose to be me..
He smiled so you choose to sideline errors and forgive the mistakes...
She smiled no but I choose to forget darkness, I’ll do all that it takes..
He murmured I really don’t understand what's going on...
She whispered, there are few zones, when we are beyond right and wrong...
He concluded, no matter how right you seem to be, but I know even my side is true..
She concluded, so lets both be what we want to be.. Let me be me! and you be you!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

His Visage and her beauty....

Eyes, she borrowed dreams from
Eyes, she envisioned herself through
His eyes, her epitome of innocence
His eyes, chaste like morning dew
All felt so right, felt like eternity
His visage, graced her with beauty

She conjured his care in a small space;
Space that beamed with his compassion
A little space hidden in folds of her heart
That little space brimming with perfection
All felt so right, felt like eternity
His visage, graced her with beauty

His Smile, radiant like morning rose
That Smile, like dreams on prance
His smile, like a child’s innocent prank
That Smile, like her reverie on dance
All felt so perfect, felt like eternity
His visage, graced her with beauty

His Words, a stairwell to heaven
His words, like comforting rain
Words, an anchor to her sinking soul
 Words,like soothing ice to burning pain
All felt so right, felt like eternity
His visage, graced her with beauty

His visage, way beyond expressions
Visage, radiance of breaking dawn
His visage, tranquility of first rain
Visage, an elegance of dancing swan
She protected this visage in her bounty
All felt so right,all felt like eternity

A little space in some hidden corner
He resides there painting her dreams
Oh! His visage, that exotic spell on eyes!!
An aura on display,touching all extremes
This raving crazy insanity
Feels so right,feels like eternity

Seasons changed, time took a leap
Sorrows and smiles, more than they could reap
But, still his visage shines through her entity
Yea! still Feel so right, feels like eternity
His visage definitely graces her with beauty

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just A Story....

Horror gripped the heart of that boy as he saw his lifelong best friend fall during the riots. His friend was caught in claws of this carnival of violence, with continuous gunfires and screams hurling from all directions . There was an utter chaos whizzing over boy's head and ballade of death in front of eyes . But the boy stood, stood unfazed with just a single thought lurking in his head, what if he leap in and make his way through? He might, he just might bring his fallen friend back.

He was holding his brother's hand ,shaking and shivering with anticipation. All sweaty with threat of what might happen. “You want to go?,” asked his brother, “but i don’t think it will be worth it. Your friend is probably dead and you may throw your life away.”  The brother’s advice didn’t matter, and the boy went and jumped into the death pool anyway. Miraculously he managed to reach his friend, hoist her onto his shoulder and bring her back to the safe corner of that disturbed city. As the two of them tumbled in together on the rough patch near the lamp post, the brother peeped in to check the now wounded and bleeding boy, and then looked kindly at his friend.
“I told you it wouldn’t be worth it,” he said. “Your friend is dead and you are mortally wounded.”
“It was worth it, though, my dear!,” said the boy.
“What do you mean; worth it?” retorted his brother. “Your friend is dead.”
“Yes, She is” the boy whimpered in pain. “But it was worth it because when I got to her, she was still alive and I had the satisfaction of hearing her say through her last breath, “I knew you’d come. I just knew”

Monday, February 11, 2013

Just a thought.....

Sometimes all you can give is an unconditional love 
Sometimes all you have is just not enough

Sometimes life is like an extended dream 
Sometimes dreams aren’t what they seem

Sometimes giggles can ease your heart
Sometimes the same giggle breaks it apart

Sometimes thoughts spin faster than you move
Sometimes even fastest spin is the slowest groove

Sometimes solace is the only word on mind
Sometimes solace is the only space you can’t find

Sometimes you give in to queries that each pang implies 
Sometimes same pain turns you nonchalant to replies

Sometimes flights of dreams is a soothing respite
Sometimes same dreams poses the biggest fright

Sometimes togetherness has all the delights in store
Sometimes solitude is all that you crave for

Sometimes night gets too dazzling to withstand
Sometimes even dawn can withdraw her hand

Sometimes you just surrender to convictions
Sometimes conviction goes through incisions

Sometimes story in your head is beyond eviction
Sometimes reality you lived in,turns out to be a fiction

Sometimes you live and relive few memories to satiety
Sometimes you sleep endless hours to ward off memories

Sometimes I think am I the person what you see?
Or is it just the reflect of what you want me to be....

Sometimes I painfully conceal,those emotions so white so true
Sometimes I proudly pretend coz I am what you made me ,I am you......