Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reverie Roses

All pricked and bruised by thorns of realm
I planted crimson roses of my dreams
Seed of my insatiable desires
Sunlight of my wanton cravings
Nurtured by my chaste fantasies
Showered by inner most ravings
My beautiful garden of enigma
My enchanting rose of charisma
Every passing day, I stared longingly
Impatient to see my saplings unravel
Gradually my dreams started sprouting
Flourishing, prospering, petal to petal
Pretty soon I could see my roses bloom
A magnificent spread of artistry
Finally I had my blossom buddy
What an impeccable amigo to be
So inestimable, so precious
That I couldn’t tear myself away
Rising dawn or downing dusk
Nothing could perturb our play
In perfect harmony with my rose
Those moments were there to stay
 Mesmerized and so pleasantly amazed
How my rose blessed me with vibrancy
All those dreams that I have conjured
My rose graced them with vivacity
I could sit and converse for hours
And it would never argue back
I wasn’t forced to fit in pesky frames
With my rose ,I was me, not a fake
Days in days out, I would spend
Just adoring and cherishing my rose
All my pains were nonexistent now
So much happiness it did bestow
My rose, the answer to my prayers
My consuetude, my addiction
All consumed, I was breathing life
So much satiety, so much of perfection
But I forgot, it was a perishable gift
Relentless trials are useless
It is meant to be confiscated
Like my other tattered hopes
This dream too will get culminated
Finally one dark night, autumn fall
And invaded my lovely rose
Prefixed short term camaraderie was over
I was severed from my sweet repose
Radiance was lost
Colors were faded
With each ambling moment
My aide ,my convoy was raided
Again my eyes were dry
Bereft of ferment
My discourses were empty
Bereft of incitement
Glee ripped, smiles torn
Stripped off hopes,left alone
Sitting, staring at void again
As my rose, my reverie was gone…..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lucid dreams

Its showering heavy
Infinite urge this rain seem to chase
Little drops playing pranks
And pool of tears barred to surface
In pride before your eyes
I will keep these lashes dry
The proofs, the justifications;
Are continuously ignored
Endurance is tested beyond patience
Fatal, lucid dreams are explored
It’s an example of buffoons’ insistence
Of how they keep declining facts
Steady on the journey to endure
The selfless, pristine childlike acts
Razed endeavors;
No matter how much we try
But for pride before your eyes
I will let wry dreams fly
Don’t talk about maturities
That we have in abundance
Heart is placed above brains
Still astuteness is immense
We believe in fake mornings
Ignoring those nasty storms
We shiver in frank cold nights
And dream to keep us warm
On the foundation of trust
We conceive fading dreams
Aware that they wont stay
Amazing illusions 
Perceived in two different ways
One hoping, that they will survive;
They will breath life
Other sure, they are phoenix
Charisma spurned, a mere hype
Still both dare to reverie
Not much to retain, not much to defy
Yet for the pride in your eye
My eyes will stay dry
Some people cant dream
Their history pulls them back
Unending struggle to break free
No place for dreams to stack
Drawn toward the eternity
So keen to be dispersed
Be one with the tranquility of moon
So keen to be discerned
To transcend in someone else
And leave my crawling self
To fly with renewed zest
No baggage on the shelf
But then I do realize
I dont belong to dreams\
As my oasis is all dry
Just for the pride in your eye
Mine will still dream high
And those who think are wise
Here’s a piece of advice
Look beyond your eyes
The dreams that you seek for
Are deemed to dissolve
The illusions that you seek for
Is nothing but deceptions
The convictions that you speak of
Is nothing but confused perceptions
Utopia of enchanting glee
Is nothing but surreal
And the pain in your heart
That is for real
Pause this chase
Break this grind
Give time a time
And you shall find
The realm, that belongs to you
Someone real, someone true
In due time, will summon you
And you will walk;
Walk away,far beyond reach
Leaving all agony behind
In due course of time
Your destiny, you shall find
Till then for the pride in your eye
My eyes will live the lie..........

Silent Confessions

We were where the river ends
Flowing vigorously into the void
We were where the utopia conceived
Streaming through and through
We were the laughter
Echoing the valley of innocence
The mirage, the dream, the cliff
The fantasy, the presence, the absence
If I kept tracing the inevitable
Why should I crib and complain?
One step after another,
Though no firm land beneath
How could we ever have sustained?
Frail attempts where our intentions lie
Numb expressions when emotions cry
Defying our inner voices
Quivering disseminations
Silent confessions.......

Perfecting the charm of a con
Desperate act of a fleecer
Painful labor of concealed thoughts
Debating breadth of an actor
Arguing essence of enlivened dreams
Transitions from fake to actual
Transcend of satiety to frustrations
So staggering yet so stable
Waking dreams or sleeping facts
Ripping all with solemnity acts
Walking through the fog of confusions
Blinded by compassion haze
Turning revelations into a maze
Soft surrender
Denied submissions
Silent confessions........

Impatient oceans,boiling with fury
Swelled with raging eagerness
Waves determined to prove discredits
The unkempt geometry of fierceness
Changing images like distorted emotions
Embracing shapes of the shapeless
Trying to mould the tides in patterns
Relentless efforts to bound the boundless
Aware that the contrary is so obvious
Still small bargains we keep on striking
Treading with mislead conscious
Moments to moments, we keep on ambling
So much for compassion
Silent confession.......

Our dreams are fluorescent
Breathing life only in dark
Our desires like weary bird
Wings on lease,scrawny bark
Lithe frame of faith and trust
Shudders whilst in slumber of deceptions
Belief wiped off our fragile hopes
Attempts to sort out the misconceptions
Skimming and sieving words
Slicing and dicing every sentence
With efforts of a fish wriggling on sand
Learning to breathe,while her life is forsaken
Unprepossessing the prepossessions
Helpless sessions......
Silent confessions......

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Act of desguise

When I tried playing an ignorant act
My being opposed reflections of my desires
My resolute broke into thousands of pieces
My soul, betrayed my convictions
The mirror of my conscious screamed, liar!
Now you guide me, what options do I have?
Where will I get strength to face my failures?
When I played as a self-possessed demon
My incarnation shattered before it could conceive
Temptations were far too alluring
Consumed by the poison of mercenary
Theater of pretense, too transparent to perceive
Now you direct me, how to conceal?
Where will I get a mask to cover my frailty?
When I played as an arrogant storm
The calmness of night invaded my fierceness
The serenity of moon was so tranquil
That the veil of fictions disarmed my feat
Calm radiant night mocked feigned turbulence
Now you invigilate and evaluate my negligence
And show me the way to hide my irresoluteness
When I played an act of a cold fiend
Chaste, pristine gestures echoed in my being
Sending countless promises, a pact so perfect
I was pulled back in ever engulfing mirage of dreams
Too enchanting to refuse, too unfeasible to accept
The ballad of deceptions is doing nothing to suffice
Once a proud actor,now can’t perfect an act of disguise
We can put up a show and collect accolades from world
But how are we suppose to deceive our own shadow?
Can perform with aplomb and cater to other's entertainment
But how to disguise ourselves from us, I just don’t know

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Deceptions-Dark yet vibrant

You want the dreams transcend in a form?
You want to make miracles obey logics?
Inclinations are beyond rules and barriers
A literature of emotions sans summations and prefix
It’s deceptive, fable unattainable yet so possessed
It’s so deceptive

The rules that we respect, deprive us from glee
The appeal we encrust, break us beyond repair
The pact we tried overlooking stare back at our face
We struggle for smile; they shower us with despair
Its deceptive, pacts of glee bursting with angst
It’s so deceptive

You never get what you yearn, you are left craving
And someone always gives you more than you wanted
This game continues without any rule or restrictions
Pawns bounce back & forth, giving, taking, exhausted
Its deceptive; endeavor to give is a process to rip
It’s so deceptive

To design someone in larger than life statements
To frame the unexpected gift in a chained d├ęcor
To test your patience and dream over and again
To try chasing false aspirations, and returning sore
It’s deceptive; illusions conceived in dark yet so radiant
It’s so deceptive

Its wrong
To seek for more than you deserve
Wait with patience, life will take curve

Monday, July 11, 2011

Heaven in her pocket

 Do you think she is a manic-depressive?
It’s not about winning; she isn’t obsessive
She is not the pawn that takes the queen
She lost coz she wanted to..
Though her winning streaks were massive
She gave up and fall frail
Not asking to be protected
She was always her own guard
Drawing the sketches from baseless wishes
Scooping the dreams from hollow illusion
Arguments that she chose to loose
Coerced with already lost assertions
All she wanted was a small heaven in her pocket
A pocket too small to contain actualities
Yet a pocket too large to consume her dreams
All those addictions
Takes her back to space when,
Sober was the time when she got wasted
Wasted was the time when she gained sanity
Lost was the time she found herself
And findings led to perplexities
Unnecessary provocations
It was easy to lie when her soul was the truest
It was easy to corrupt when her thought were the purest
Tangled road, and her invasions
How hard. How easy. How irrational
A small pocket full of desideratum
A small pocket spent with requests
Falsity rained heavy when she removes the veil
She twitches and blinked hard to see the realm
How many ghosts has she soiled?
How many angels has she tainted?
Compulsively trying to peel spirits off skin
How many times her trials fainted?
Actions irrelevant as they don’t ease anyone
Trying hard to make castles of sand
Only to be ripped apart and swallowed by merciless sea
she rush after the waves, chased her dispersed dream
And , just dust lands in her hand, that she see
But she smiles, shrugs carelessly and heads for worst
Always knew it was coming
She carried her tattered dreams tightly clasped to her chest
She carried the wet sheet smeared by tears
She carried the mask that was torn apart
She carried the melting drops of frozen pretence
They kept calling her, her hallucinations
But she was determined not to look back this time
Cold ,firm ,thoughtless
No more victims to fall prey to her disorder
No more display of compulsive lineage
She needs to reach the cliff
She failed coz she wanted to
This time she wants something else
She will win to loose her hallucinations
She has fallen from the darkest of the skies
She woke up before she could reach the light
Nothing else can mar her journey now
Nothing can add burns to the plight
With a steady pace she is chasing life
The heaven in her pocket too small to shelter desires
The desires too high beyond her reach
There are no miracles in this world
For every dream there is a price to pay
Sun rises,she gather her vision
Trying to paint illusions from scratch
Drifting afar with petitions astray
Chasing fickle spec of happiness
But the darkness of the night covers soon
The sun sets, she sees…
Her world ending every day

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Realignment of life


If I could rearrange the alignment of my life
There will be long queue of petitions to be sorted out
The almanac will be organized with precision
Synchronization would have been more devout

Oh! Now I realize
Triumph and failure are synonym to each other
They have no worth when we talk about gratifications
I kept slogging,defying my heart, raving for shoddy applaud
My life flitted; my palms empty, left with fake approbations

If I could realign my life, I would have chosen dust over stars
At least I could trace my finger on dust, imprinting my desires
I would have turned every twig of no into lush green path of yes
Every twig of denial would have inflamed that inner fire

If I was to rearrange the enormous maze of life
You wouldn’t have got any chance to play a single slide
Dice would be manipulated, influenced all the throws
My domain, my moves. And my rules to abide

If you would have spoiled game with your coerced stride
I would have undone, and challenged your motives
Everything would be shuffled for my convenience
Damn with Logical intents, entire plot will be revisited

Though you force us in this world
But it would have been my show
Given a chance to realign my life from scratch
I would have sealed few moments
Grabbed few gems
Paused my life
Would have never let my smile go…

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Lord! Do you understand me?
Just say, you understand me..

Though I feel like a fallen angel
Though I have lost my kindred light
Though I am slithering away from radiance
Though I am just the shadow of the night
I am ousted from my flame
But I am still the same
They are hurt; they must be seething
I am alive and I am still breathing
Sinking, drowning, gasping for air
But I keep breathing
Enough have I earned, enough you’ve fend me
Just one last favor
Just say, say you understand me
Feel free to think of me as anathema
Feel free to look at me despairing
Shake head at my bad judgments
Tag me as heathen, uncouth, scheming
I bow my head to all the blames
You can fix me in any frame
They are hurt; their eyes are bleeding
Sinking, drowning in the pool of their woes
Here I am alive, still breathing...
Enough have I destroyed your faith
 Enough you have mend me
Just one last favor
Please, say, say you understand me
I am just a fallen angel
And it was my choice to fall again
And yet I am stubborn to think;
The inference wasn’t that bad
Lord! You might try to pull me up
And proud resolute me, might refrain
People might go against my calculations
They may see deceptions in my pain
But if I attain my designed transitions
Despite all fallouts; I will be glad
Answerable to no one, I choose to be blight
Fancy, this discoloration of my soul
Amazed, they think of me as flawless being?
Awestruck, this ugly sight of my spirit
Dumbstruck, they saw me as an angel?
Sinking, drowning in sea of misconceptions
Tainted in disguise, I am still breathing
Tugging pulling the veils of falsity
Praying silently, hoping
Just hoping
In my true colors, you will stand me
Lord! Say for once
You do understand me
I no longer shudder in the nights
Numbness no more freezes my soul
I am not shaken by infinite derisions
Accusations don’t chase my whole
Ive weaned off my tears, eyes are dry
I don’t choke on words, neither do I cry
I dance among the demons of destiny
I smile through the piercing incisions
I can brave all the thorns you bestow
Just give me the sign, let me know
Show me that my efforts are reaching
Just a signal that they are healing
Seclusions are alive; vivacity is dyeing
drowning, sinking in whirlpool of contritions
Here i am alive, I am still breathing
In hope that, one day
You will decipher my gestures and me
Some day! Lord!
     You will understand me….