Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And she smiles

Life paints you a rainbow
Diffused colors of various emotions
Plethora of tints and shades
She looks at you and smiles
And she screams “its easy”
Life looks you in the eye
You might see a frown..
Her eyes may seem to argue
Her face screams agony
But she wears that smile
And she screams “its easy”
Life sketch out a maze
She gives you that sorted out look
She shows that every thing feels so right
She display that sense to figure out
How are you to know that she’s so confused?
She doesn’t know her way through
She herself doesn’t know what she planed for you
But when it gets too hard for her to disguise
She just flashes that smile
And screams” its easy”
Life gives you a dream
Unleash your desires
Makes you believe in illusions
Gives you reason to aspire
But her own eyes glitter with emptiness
Her own desires are captive to nightmare
Her own illusions are vary of colors
So when her own vibrancy starts giving up
She wears that cloak of courage
And she smiles
And she screams” its easy”

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sleep tonight

Sleep tonight my angel, just sleep and wither away
Let the silence wriggle in and let the illusions go astray
Tonight lids will stay calm,lashes will go in warm embrace
I am here, taking care, you let your dreams unleash and play

Just sleep tonight my angel ,on the wings of desires fly away…

Continuous traffic of memories will rip off your sleep
  Those march of thoughts, they will invite nightmares
Stop mulling over, just lye and breath life in your fairytale
This is the enigmatic world that we both will share

Sleep tonight my angel and leave the rest to me,I will take care..

Lay warm in the arms of your desires, and I will keep an eye
Let your heart design a chaste enigma and weave it into a dream
I will find a place in that oasis and will act my part to soothe you
Hopeless noises, will have to disappear, I will wipe off those screams

Just sleep in bliss tonight my angel, on the thread of tranquil beams..

Your yearnings will find their rescue in dreams tonight
And if they don’t, still its all fine, we are done hankering anyways
Confusion, sadness, desperations, they have no place tonight
So ward them off tonight my angel, just smile and dream away

Sleep tonight angel, and live all your dream before the crack of the day….
Sleep tonight my angel,this is our fairyland, and we are here to stay...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Those unspoken words

They pierced my spirit and left a gaping hole
And at times they revived my sinking soul
They hurt, they tease and they conspire
And sometimes they ignite my dying fire
Those unspoken words ….

They chase me like a shadow on all walks of life
Yet they leave me in seclusion when their need is rife
They follow they echo , they set my silence free
And then they turn their back, and seize talking with me
Those unspoken words …..

I can never understand, how they ease my pain away
And I am confused, how they hurt me in every possible way
They have that key to let me free from shackles of isolation
And then they lock me up with my relentless frustration
Those unspoken words ……

They speak to me, stir my being, and bring me to life
But they dissolve in void  when their need is strife
Words, they fester in my heart, they are here to stay
Yet same words, they just don’t reach me,they choose to stay away
Those unspoken words …..

Friday, December 9, 2011


Some times I hanker for the explanations...

Do these desires ignite the light of life?
Or are they just worthless fossils
Do they set ablaze that zest to live?
Or are they venom meant to kill...

Some times I stare at void and muse over....

Am I the person you consider me to be?
Or am I just a daft dwelling on misconceptions
Would I still fix in the frame you set for me?
Or will I fade into nonentity and exemptions

Some times I like to mull over...

Am I growing oblivion to life’s brazen facts
Or have I grown too accustom to dearth
Am I emerging as a salient warrior?
Or have I forgotten the winner’s worth

Some times I sit and wonder...

To take another breath and survive
Is a sentence to death every day?
Or evolving as a survivor every morn
Seals the fact, incompetence is here to stay

Some times I just sit and ponder....

Could I be a breeze and just float away?
Or would I have strength to hold on
Could I just waft into the state of oblivion?
Or would I be aware enough to move on

Some times I just hold my head and think...

Can I still feel that burning rage in my heart
Or have I extinguished that fire in my mind
Does it really pain half as much as I feel?
Or have I left strength to bear, far behind

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A short-lived journey of the moon and the sleepless

Till then..

And the moon said it would be better
If we separate our ways
Fiddling with self imposed assumptions
Lets presume we never could stay
But my eyes are still dedicated
I just can’t stop this reverie fare
Moon! you are on a steadfast flight
I know your dawn is waiting there
We surely are painting the beginning of an end
Or may be heading for an end with a flair
But can’t we trace the night together?
Can you really rip that right from me?
Till you fade in the light of your dawn
My tenuous dreams wont set you free

Was that a conscious decision?
Did I plan this sleepless journey with you?
My eyes were deceived by sleep;
Unknowingly you became my alimony
and i found my rescue in you
Minutes by minutes..
Hour to hour…
Our rendezvous kept growing
I know the colors of night are turning pale
The morning will rise and shine
But till then I need your beams
Need them to bind my dreams
I know its past midnight
Aware, time is running out
But this little piece of night
Is turning me even more devout
Till you embrace your dawn, my moon
I want to freak on dream spree
Come lets chase the night together
No! dont rip this night from me..

Standing at the edge of night
I see dawn breaking with skipped beat
Unexplained fear, unrestrained tears
Moments will pass on staggering feat
Its sad to see the petals of time fall away,
But with remembrance of finest hours
Trust me without any protest I will retreat..
But since, still few seconds are left
Let me rush and gather;
As many dreams, as I can
Live as many illusions, as I can
Breath in the enigma so deep …
That I forget tight reality span…
Till you fade away into the light of dawn, my moon
Spray your beams, and let me be
I promise, I will just borrow few dreams
Just for the sakes of those walks;
We treaded in the lane of dreams
    Let me elude a bit more and fly free….

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Way of life

Life, will always be much more tenuous than what it seems to be , it is much more complicated than what we read through our naked eyes or feel through our unaware heart.
Every step taken writes a new chapter, our souls are touched, and our hearts our imbibed with raw experiences, some cascading like divine spring of restitution, some hammering us at throbbing pace. A continuous commotion, where heart and brain keeps on crossing each other’s path in frail attempt to chase the rainbows.
Few fantasies take form and we smile for split second marveling at our luck, and force ourselves to gather dispersed hopes. Few desires keep on beckoning us and teasingly stay beyond our reach.
The answer to life and certain questions posed by it cant be found by looking through a microscope or inspecting spiral galaxies of confusions. It lies way deeper. It involves our conscious, our thoughts, our agonizing desires. it unifies  requisite and unrequited dreams.
We diffuse our vibrating self into illusions and enter extended world of coherent cravings, aspirations, and unending quest of wishes. The good, the bad, the ugly, angelic, sinful are the loaded dices we throw and try to play this game.
We need to look behind the strife,the friendly aid of mirage, the rollicking joys of illusions, the dance of vivacious dreams, the cult of self conceived obsessions and flow with the rhythm.
In whatever form it comes, poignant symphony, ecstatic trance, or euphoric song, we have to sing it because life is a song. The meaning is in the lyrics and our desires pulsate in its rhythm….

Conniving dices


 Stuck amidst an enchanting game
Every move casting a perfect frame
Entangled in the parody of gushing pain
I persistently start with the game, yet again
Few more dices thrown
Two steps turned aside
And so I stand on this block
Isolation and frozen silence
I can only blame my insanity
To let slip the thoughts untamed
Only if I could have blocked the air
Only if I could curb the restless stirring
Only if the lips were frozen numb to utter a word
Only if I wasn’t destined to burn in my own pyre
This constant confusion, this face-off with faults
Could it be that I am inveterate anomic?
Could it be that I am habituated
Could it be that I love to fight a battle, already lost
Words have lost their voice
Silence is turning too loud
I tried to be immaculate in this game
Yet I hit the zero again…

Sitting, staring blank at these conniving dices
Reluctant to pursue this game
Stop me, just stop me from moving ahead
But the game goes on…
I am being nudged, to throw the dice again
There I go..
Two steps behind in the past
A fog of illusion beyond sanity
A spread of happiness beyond sorrow
Holding on to the edges of slipping smiles
Gripping today, oblivion of tomorrow
No margin for reasoning
No fencing to those dreams
So trapped in those delusions
Could not hear the reality scream
Only if I would have turned away
Only if would have hidden my tears
Only if I would have raised my walls
Only if I would have masked my fears
Failed attempt to perfect the act
Failed attempt to resurrect
So desperate was the urge to end the game
But.. yet I hit the zero again…

No second to waste, throw the dice
Two steps back in the castle of ice
Where burning pain is so intense that it turns numb
Slippery cold emotions,they skid,they succumb
Tenuous are the lanes, and directions gone astray
 Baffled ,wide eyed I stare in the darkness
Lost in this maze,trying to find my way
My soul is crashing down amidst commotions
Hopes are vanishing; prospects are fading away
Up above is the galaxy of reverie dreams
Yet shadows are dark, spread across the alley
Reflections of past yank me back
Trembling future wont let me step out
How many more dices do I need to throw?
When are we drawing the curtains to the show?
I am wincing with excruciating pain now
Every new move seems to pose yet another blow
Enough of this game, enough with the dice
I have lost it already, been battered hard
Nothing makes sense , nothing is sane
Me and my tears ,burning with pain
I just don’t want to play any more
Why to crush my soul?
Why to rake my brain?
When I know, I am born to loose
I know.. very proudly I will hit the zero again.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A walk to remember

Among the crowd of tenuous illusions
She strutted in trance, all consumed
Not like a mermaid celebrating waves
But a restless dream that just loomed

No rhythm could move her frigid soul
No altercation could stir her silence
Nothing could disturb her rigid veil
An immaculate pretence of impudence

In one of those lonely walks, she tripped
Stumbled on some fantasy, beyond reach
Suddenly those stains were so obvious
And the revelations continued to besiege

A stroll along with her captive fallacy
Solace lapping their ankles in deluded sea
Gazing through opaque walls of fabrications
Secrets flowing like a fountain on a spree

It was an encounter with dream so ominous
A reverie that eased her restless brain
Hand in hand, a walk with evanescent
So much of peace, and so much of pain

Amidst the circle of assumptions and realm
She just walked through the mirage of satiety
Transformed, so bare, an absolute new soul
A walk to remember, a treasure with a lost key

Yet again a solitary gait to anonymous purpose
She shall walk with rehabilitated fantasies
That particular walk with her detained desires;
Granted enough stars to illuminate her journey

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A letter to my butterfly

Dear butterfly..
I see you soaring high every day
Yet I am puzzled, if you actually fly
I can sense desperate flutters of your wing
And I know the rules you try to abide by

My butterfly, you are ravishing
A brazen beauty with soul so raw
A divine being, so loved by nature
A picturesque angel with none a flaw

Then why do I see you in the hidings
Why do you crawl with shrunken wings
Helpless stares from my window
If only some succor I could bring

Try and decipher my silent screams;
Dear butterfly just pay some heed
One glance at your own aura
Trust me,that’s all  you need
Rise up and see the whole wide sky
Fly my butterfly;hold your head up high

I can identify with the pain you bore
I am aware of the creases of your angst
I can feel the lashes you go through
And I still vision you emerging your best

I understand, nature is ruled by vultures
I can see sky is broken, dark and bleak
An ugly flight of heartless vultures
And my butterfly all frail and weak

A fragile being, so lonely, so hurt
I hope some satiety to you, I could bring
How I long to be there, soothe you
Mend your broken heart, your broken wing

But I dare not reach out, coz I know
My touch will be marred by pain
Soft fragile wings of your hope..
One handclasp with my jinx;
And your wings will be broken again

Don’t reach for me; I am captivated
My razor-sharp fences might scratch your wings
Soak your spirit with new zest, new parkland instead
And you shall see, with renewed buzz you will ring

Don’t hide in seclusions my butterfly
Don’t feign your fear, just face the fright
Your wings will elate ,once you catch new breeze
I know you’ll emerge again, just take that flight

My butterfly,may your wings kiss new dawn
And you find new meadow to alight upon
I wish all the colors,fragrance and beauty for you
Today, tomorrow and way beyond

    Your’s clandestine mate...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reverie Roses

All pricked and bruised by thorns of realm
I planted crimson roses of my dreams
Seed of my insatiable desires
Sunlight of my wanton cravings
Nurtured by my chaste fantasies
Showered by inner most ravings
My beautiful garden of enigma
My enchanting rose of charisma
Every passing day, I stared longingly
Impatient to see my saplings unravel
Gradually my dreams started sprouting
Flourishing, prospering, petal to petal
Pretty soon I could see my roses bloom
A magnificent spread of artistry
Finally I had my blossom buddy
What an impeccable amigo to be
So inestimable, so precious
That I couldn’t tear myself away
Rising dawn or downing dusk
Nothing could perturb our play
In perfect harmony with my rose
Those moments were there to stay
 Mesmerized and so pleasantly amazed
How my rose blessed me with vibrancy
All those dreams that I have conjured
My rose graced them with vivacity
I could sit and converse for hours
And it would never argue back
I wasn’t forced to fit in pesky frames
With my rose ,I was me, not a fake
Days in days out, I would spend
Just adoring and cherishing my rose
All my pains were nonexistent now
So much happiness it did bestow
My rose, the answer to my prayers
My consuetude, my addiction
All consumed, I was breathing life
So much satiety, so much of perfection
But I forgot, it was a perishable gift
Relentless trials are useless
It is meant to be confiscated
Like my other tattered hopes
This dream too will get culminated
Finally one dark night, autumn fall
And invaded my lovely rose
Prefixed short term camaraderie was over
I was severed from my sweet repose
Radiance was lost
Colors were faded
With each ambling moment
My aide ,my convoy was raided
Again my eyes were dry
Bereft of ferment
My discourses were empty
Bereft of incitement
Glee ripped, smiles torn
Stripped off hopes,left alone
Sitting, staring at void again
As my rose, my reverie was gone…..