Saturday, August 13, 2011

A walk to remember

Among the crowd of tenuous illusions
She strutted in trance, all consumed
Not like a mermaid celebrating waves
But a restless dream that just loomed

No rhythm could move her frigid soul
No altercation could stir her silence
Nothing could disturb her rigid veil
An immaculate pretence of impudence

In one of those lonely walks, she tripped
Stumbled on some fantasy, beyond reach
Suddenly those stains were so obvious
And the revelations continued to besiege

A stroll along with her captive fallacy
Solace lapping their ankles in deluded sea
Gazing through opaque walls of fabrications
Secrets flowing like a fountain on a spree

It was an encounter with dream so ominous
A reverie that eased her restless brain
Hand in hand, a walk with evanescent
So much of peace, and so much of pain

Amidst the circle of assumptions and realm
She just walked through the mirage of satiety
Transformed, so bare, an absolute new soul
A walk to remember, a treasure with a lost key

Yet again a solitary gait to anonymous purpose
She shall walk with rehabilitated fantasies
That particular walk with her detained desires;
Granted enough stars to illuminate her journey


dhawal said...

seems likee u hav a knack for writing at the late of the night..!!! this one was nice..!!! Very creative parallel drawn out of it..!! Nice..!!

925 Silver Jaipur said...

this one was nice..Superb post I must say. Very simple but yet entertaining and engaging.. Keep up the wonderful work!

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