Thursday, August 4, 2011

A letter to my butterfly

Dear butterfly..
I see you soaring high every day
Yet I am puzzled, if you actually fly
I can sense desperate flutters of your wing
And I know the rules you try to abide by

My butterfly, you are ravishing
A brazen beauty with soul so raw
A divine being, so loved by nature
A picturesque angel with none a flaw

Then why do I see you in the hidings
Why do you crawl with shrunken wings
Helpless stares from my window
If only some succor I could bring

Try and decipher my silent screams;
Dear butterfly just pay some heed
One glance at your own aura
Trust me,that’s all  you need
Rise up and see the whole wide sky
Fly my butterfly;hold your head up high

I can identify with the pain you bore
I am aware of the creases of your angst
I can feel the lashes you go through
And I still vision you emerging your best

I understand, nature is ruled by vultures
I can see sky is broken, dark and bleak
An ugly flight of heartless vultures
And my butterfly all frail and weak

A fragile being, so lonely, so hurt
I hope some satiety to you, I could bring
How I long to be there, soothe you
Mend your broken heart, your broken wing

But I dare not reach out, coz I know
My touch will be marred by pain
Soft fragile wings of your hope..
One handclasp with my jinx;
And your wings will be broken again

Don’t reach for me; I am captivated
My razor-sharp fences might scratch your wings
Soak your spirit with new zest, new parkland instead
And you shall see, with renewed buzz you will ring

Don’t hide in seclusions my butterfly
Don’t feign your fear, just face the fright
Your wings will elate ,once you catch new breeze
I know you’ll emerge again, just take that flight

My butterfly,may your wings kiss new dawn
And you find new meadow to alight upon
I wish all the colors,fragrance and beauty for you
Today, tomorrow and way beyond

    Your’s clandestine mate...

1 comment:

dhawal said...

nice one...!!!!
but remember the butterfly effect....
a simple flap of a butterfly's wing can cause a hurricane...!!