Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Way of life

Life, will always be much more tenuous than what it seems to be , it is much more complicated than what we read through our naked eyes or feel through our unaware heart.
Every step taken writes a new chapter, our souls are touched, and our hearts our imbibed with raw experiences, some cascading like divine spring of restitution, some hammering us at throbbing pace. A continuous commotion, where heart and brain keeps on crossing each other’s path in frail attempt to chase the rainbows.
Few fantasies take form and we smile for split second marveling at our luck, and force ourselves to gather dispersed hopes. Few desires keep on beckoning us and teasingly stay beyond our reach.
The answer to life and certain questions posed by it cant be found by looking through a microscope or inspecting spiral galaxies of confusions. It lies way deeper. It involves our conscious, our thoughts, our agonizing desires. it unifies  requisite and unrequited dreams.
We diffuse our vibrating self into illusions and enter extended world of coherent cravings, aspirations, and unending quest of wishes. The good, the bad, the ugly, angelic, sinful are the loaded dices we throw and try to play this game.
We need to look behind the strife,the friendly aid of mirage, the rollicking joys of illusions, the dance of vivacious dreams, the cult of self conceived obsessions and flow with the rhythm.
In whatever form it comes, poignant symphony, ecstatic trance, or euphoric song, we have to sing it because life is a song. The meaning is in the lyrics and our desires pulsate in its rhythm….

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dhawal said...

Man..!!!! This one sounded like Paulo coelho types... Serious damm philosophical... went quite over my head..!!