Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A short-lived journey of the moon and the sleepless

Till then..

And the moon said it would be better
If we separate our ways
Fiddling with self imposed assumptions
Lets presume we never could stay
But my eyes are still dedicated
I just can’t stop this reverie fare
Moon! you are on a steadfast flight
I know your dawn is waiting there
We surely are painting the beginning of an end
Or may be heading for an end with a flair
But can’t we trace the night together?
Can you really rip that right from me?
Till you fade in the light of your dawn
My tenuous dreams wont set you free

Was that a conscious decision?
Did I plan this sleepless journey with you?
My eyes were deceived by sleep;
Unknowingly you became my alimony
and i found my rescue in you
Minutes by minutes..
Hour to hour…
Our rendezvous kept growing
I know the colors of night are turning pale
The morning will rise and shine
But till then I need your beams
Need them to bind my dreams
I know its past midnight
Aware, time is running out
But this little piece of night
Is turning me even more devout
Till you embrace your dawn, my moon
I want to freak on dream spree
Come lets chase the night together
No! dont rip this night from me..

Standing at the edge of night
I see dawn breaking with skipped beat
Unexplained fear, unrestrained tears
Moments will pass on staggering feat
Its sad to see the petals of time fall away,
But with remembrance of finest hours
Trust me without any protest I will retreat..
But since, still few seconds are left
Let me rush and gather;
As many dreams, as I can
Live as many illusions, as I can
Breath in the enigma so deep …
That I forget tight reality span…
Till you fade away into the light of dawn, my moon
Spray your beams, and let me be
I promise, I will just borrow few dreams
Just for the sakes of those walks;
We treaded in the lane of dreams
    Let me elude a bit more and fly free….

1 comment:

dhawal said...

amazingly written..and ending on a kinda positive note,,,, although not completely written in a positive light,.. but its rly gud.!