Saturday, April 28, 2012

Keep your dreams alive!!!!!

 Please don’t give up on me!
I know I am not feasible right now
Don’t push me aside
I know I am rarely around right now
Don’t forget my voice
If you don’t get to hear me at times
Don’t forget that chuckle
If I cant get your smile free at times
Don’t let my image fade
Its just a broken frame as of now
Picture is blurred I know,
But I am trying to tame ,as of now
Greet me with a smile
Even though I might not smile tonight
Just keep that fist tight
Event though you might feel weak tonight
Keep talking with me
And I might respond with a silence
Keep intruding persistently
And my resistance might be immense
Keep treading with a smile
Though the journey gonna be strife
But you need to hold on to me
Dont give up on me yet, my need is rife
 Dreams,aspirations or undying urget to prove thyself
Tag me with whatever name you think suffice
But just keep me alive, let your wings soar high
Dont give up on me yet!!
I am the guiding light , that shines through your life

1 comment:

vicky said...

superbbb...evrytime u come up with somethin extraordinary...:))
am so lucky to read ur write ups