Friday, May 11, 2012

Wanton passion of innocent hearts...

What thoughts of wanton passion
What enigma that we fought for
What stigma we are stuck with
What fantasies we keep in store?
Like a fish I asked my sea
I am in you! so close!
 Still you can’t see my tear?
And prompt was the reply
I can’t see but can feel them
Coz you are in me, so near…

What thoughts of wanton passion
What dependence on invincible
What craving for cult beyond reach
What sinful addiction, so irresistible
Like a black shade I asked my rainbow
You derive your colors from me
Still you can’t pull me out of darkness?
And prompt was the reply
I can’t pull you out, but I do sink with you
I am in you; eventually I fade in your caress

What thoughts of wanton passion
What stir of raw unspoken trust
What mystery of felt yet unfelt care
What flight of  a chained heart fest
Like a dusk I asked my dawn
I dissolve into nothing just to touch you
Still you embrace the mornings?
And prompt was the reply
I can’t stay with you, but I loose myself too
Just to see you emerge again
I surrender my worth to dark evenings…..

What wanton passion
What unrealistic desire
We have all, so you say!!
......Still the needs are dire.......


kanu sharma said...

Its more than awesome......

True questions and perfect answers..... cube said...

Cannot satiate
Such a bane
To konw that nothing is enough
Always demanding more
And yet insatiable love
Does not share this outlook

Oh to satiate
To be satiated
Thy trait is desired
I want to be satisfied
I would like to have my fill

Curse that day I realized
That it could never finish
You solely can satisfy me
Show that love I desire
And I will be complete....!

siddharth koura said...