Monday, June 11, 2012

My dreams my facts....

Drawn to one another by an urgency that cant be denied
My dreams, my facts
Two stars fighting , struggling breathless, entangled and tied
My dreams , my facts
Encasing my mirage, in the mystic galaxies of infinite imagination
My dreams my facts
Embracing two spirits in parallel universe of illusion and actualization
My dreams my facts
Mind numbing noise yet a choking silence engulfing my inside
My dreams my facts
Touch intangible, yet felt with such compassion that cant be defined
My dreams my facts
Existence of nonexistence, flashing visuals wandering in lanes of mind
My dreams my facts
Words unheard, yet every thought considerate enough to suffice
My dreams my facts
Living each fantasy, as I lay my head, and wiping it off as I rise
My dreams my facts


vicky said...

awsomeeee write up...reallly loved it...:))

vicky said...

awsomeee writ up....reallly loved it...:))

siddhartha misra said...

amazing writeupz. Amzing collection. every write up has emotional touch, which rings bells of sentiments.
Specially the "DELHI Babes" very keen observation.
Really great.
Keep on bringing more so that i have great writeups to read.
Its a pleasure reading them all

Anonymous said...

Like i said the girl is immensely talented...keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

Nice naration of fight inside oneself. Full for strenght to overcome all diffulties. Expectation of those dreams to be admired by other. Learn by closeone with ur expressions.

CA Pallavi Kakkar said...

Awesomm :-):-)