Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reverie Roses

All pricked and bruised by thorns of realm
I planted crimson roses of my dreams
Seed of my insatiable desires
Sunlight of my wanton cravings
Nurtured by my chaste fantasies
Showered by inner most ravings
My beautiful garden of enigma
My enchanting rose of charisma
Every passing day, I stared longingly
Impatient to see my saplings unravel
Gradually my dreams started sprouting
Flourishing, prospering, petal to petal
Pretty soon I could see my roses bloom
A magnificent spread of artistry
Finally I had my blossom buddy
What an impeccable amigo to be
So inestimable, so precious
That I couldn’t tear myself away
Rising dawn or downing dusk
Nothing could perturb our play
In perfect harmony with my rose
Those moments were there to stay
 Mesmerized and so pleasantly amazed
How my rose blessed me with vibrancy
All those dreams that I have conjured
My rose graced them with vivacity
I could sit and converse for hours
And it would never argue back
I wasn’t forced to fit in pesky frames
With my rose ,I was me, not a fake
Days in days out, I would spend
Just adoring and cherishing my rose
All my pains were nonexistent now
So much happiness it did bestow
My rose, the answer to my prayers
My consuetude, my addiction
All consumed, I was breathing life
So much satiety, so much of perfection
But I forgot, it was a perishable gift
Relentless trials are useless
It is meant to be confiscated
Like my other tattered hopes
This dream too will get culminated
Finally one dark night, autumn fall
And invaded my lovely rose
Prefixed short term camaraderie was over
I was severed from my sweet repose
Radiance was lost
Colors were faded
With each ambling moment
My aide ,my convoy was raided
Again my eyes were dry
Bereft of ferment
My discourses were empty
Bereft of incitement
Glee ripped, smiles torn
Stripped off hopes,left alone
Sitting, staring at void again
As my rose, my reverie was gone…..


dhawal said...

i really liked the first half... its so positive..!!! abt the 2nd half.. its the rule of world...
One goes..but only to make space for the next. and we keep moving on...

Bhavin said...
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Bhavin said...

Beginning is positive,last part is bit sad...but that's reality of life!!!
Hard to accept...Life goes on
Though nicely described