Monday, February 25, 2013

Girl that scribbles.....

Try knowing that girl who scribble
Try listening as she rarely speaks
Lend her your dreams for a day;
And she will write you a masterpiece.

Try understanding the girl that scribble
She who is pronounced a rigid soul
Tell her you still abide by faith and trust
And that we can always get up if we fall

Embrace this girl that scribble
She who shivers in the darkness of fear
Hide her in a protected corner sometime
Show her that people still do care

Talk with the girl that scribbles
Force her to express what she feels inside
She might charm you with her innocence
She might keep her masks aside

Walk with the girl that writes,
Give her, unending long roads to glory
Give her the confidence of your company
And you might get to know her inside story

Hear out this girl who scribbles
Show her that the world is not of stone
Let her show you her vulnerability
And make you feel it in every bone.

Try bonding with the girl that scribbles
She who does not believe in any ties
The girl who keeps getting punished
As she often break the shackles,she flies

Laugh with the girl that scribbles
She's cried enough under the rain. 
She can make you smile,but her giggles are lost
Tell her that she can laugh again

There is this girl who scribbles
She who I see in my reflection
She who is stark opposite to me
Me the fake she the perfection

She is the emotion, I am the cold
I am the laugher, she is the cry
I am the hidden, she is the confession
I am pretentious glee, she an honest sigh

I avoided this girl that writes ,for long
Now there she lays, all pale and feeble
Still calling out my name in lithe whispers
This little girl in me that scribbles....


Anonymous said...

I am awed...
the way you express intense emotions in such a simple way.
love it!!

Shivam said...

Yet another beautiful creation
waiting for more..

Tas said...

Your pros plays around with human emotions in the most stunning and beautiful way
it has a flow,a very effortless flow
you definitely are a gifted soul

kanu sharma said...
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Anonymous said...

This is unique creation which need emotions and it is god gifted to you.

Amol said...

your work display the inner soul of any human in very beautiful way...
You make reader think what he is missing in life or what we are looking for in life....excellent work

Vikas Gulati said...

Its awsum..vry nice heart tuching...I luv much..

kanu sharma said...

U no wat every time you write it straightly hit my heart.

i really liked how truely you described you above...

I ll not say its god gifted to you coz we all have some imaginations in me.... But very few people have talent who can express their thoughts through writing...

And i have no words to express how much i hav loved it...

Thanks for sharing such beautiful thoughts once again....

bhavin bhavsar said...

Innocence of dreams....:)