Friday, June 24, 2011


The scarlet petals of rose on their own, looked nonchalant
An unobtrusive entity amidst infinite spread of colors
But when they were arranged in an ikebana with precision
They found it admirable; they found it a stellar
That’s how we perceive beauty, all fake, all done up

The opalescent pebbles floating in an ocean were disparaging
An inconspicuous presence among colorful fishes and weeds
But when they were bedecked in a beautiful mosaic
They called it enamoring; they defined it mesmerizing indeed
That’s how we appreciate beauty, all fake, all done up

A century old cloth seemed yards and yards of outlandish waste
With insane, stubborn threads lurking, it looked grotesque
But when it transformed in to a floating gown, all bejeweled
They found it awe-inspiring, a creation so picturesque
That’s how we perceive beauty, all fake, all dolled up

True beauty! Why such a transparent thing goes so opaque
Try and peep in, its encased in the heart, besieged in fervor
Why smitten by beauty that’s short-lived, spilling through the time
How can one envisage true beauty being oblivion to skin deep splendor
One is beautiful if the eyes open gateways to the soul
Not because of deep set eyes, not because of a perfect mole
One is beautiful for the care and the passion they bestow
Complimenting Outer vanity is obnoxious, repugnant as a whole
Rare are the people whose compliment really do seep in
Coz I know they see me as a person deep in my skin, not as a doll
Complaints are persistent as to why I don’t appreciate admirations
Why should I say thanks, when its phony, its meaningless,it didn't touch me
But I give credence to adulations when I smile silently and say nothing at all……


Bhavin said...

The Name,Beautiful,describes itself...:)

dhawal said...

Quite philosophical in a nice way...!!! quite different from the usual ones... but really nice...!! a simple presentation of how thoughts are able to manipulate our perception in different ways..!!!