Thursday, June 23, 2011

Confused Split Crescents

“You can’t be”; my dreams laugh
Reflections of me transmuting in dwarf
Shattered chips yet an enchanting mural
Who am i? Pieces or an assembled craft
 I am, half and half, just half and half

Swaying in the delirium, 
To and fro, here to there
On for a ride against the rules of equilibrium
Here I go high with selfish desires
There I sink with concern and despair
I roll with unfinished gain, and finished loss
On a frenetic ride seized by nonexistent gaff
Half up, half down, half and half, just half and half

An aura of moon, amused by its incompleteness
Rising every night to glory
Celebrations of confused crescents,
Dancing shadows of varying moonlight
Amused by their chimerical presence
Saddened by their fading sight
Still shining in glory, to wax or to wane
Night of perfect loss, night of perfect gain
A complete beauty or an undone craft
Half and half, just half to half

A burning candle, appalled by its destiny
Flame of existence verses dispersing essence
Two adversaries, who will never pick a fight
Burning to a selfless display
Yet struggling against the dispersing sight
Lacking a solution to this endless plight
Heed to greedy self-obsessions?
Or selfless swelter leading to dispersion
A comical situation to cry
Or a whimper to laugh
Dismissal of justifications is astounding
Success articulately crafted
And in love with failure’s abounding
Rising with all the lows, amazing graph
Strange completeness, synonym to half
A half and a half, a half and a half…..

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