Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lend me your dreams

They ask me to hold on to my dreams
They ask me to never let go
They ask me to seize and capture the delusions
And bask in the serenity they bestow
They ask me to dream, dream like never before
Dreams that my waking hours will never get to know
Dream like a fountain cascading in frenzy
Dream like sunbeams soothes the frozen fact
Dream of pleasure threads, weaving satiety
Dreams that keep the requisitions intact
But my nights are sealed with entelechy
So can you please dream for me?
Dreams of a beautiful rainbow spread
Where the colors are there to stay
Dreams of splashing, singing waves
Where sand castles are not washed away
My nights are in bond with reality
So can you please dream for me?
Dreams of dawn meeting the dusk
Dreams of fire playing with ice in affection
Dreams of unrealistic amalgamations
Where negative meets positive to perfection
My nights are bereft of such insanity
So can you please dream for me?
Sleep in bliss till sun smiles on you
Dream beneath the sheath of serene desires
Dream to treasure, dream to savor
Dream the fable you want to live
Dream the smiles to be shared forever
My night seems to be oblivion to fantasy
So can you please dream for me?
For a night give me your dreams for rent
For a night see all the dreams through my eyes
Sitting under the skies of beautiful illusions
Let your enigmatic dreams take me by surprise
My nights are blind, they just cant see
So, just for once, will you dream for me?

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