Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Strange addiction

I feel like paralyzed, cant move , cant breath
Enveloping a weight against my chest
Some people can not seem to leave in peace
Ask me.. I am at my best
I seek pleasure in the pain
And it satisfies me
I see agony in this pain
And it mystifies me
Some wear their wounds with dignity
Some treasure them like a jewel
Some shun them as if they never existed
And some disguise so well; you just cant tell
They make love to their pain in seclusions
They cherish their wounds like precious gem
They wont give up their addiction
It is best to just leave them
I too, seek pleasure in the pain
And it enchants me
And there is a agony in this pain
And how it haunts me
I feel lost in this pain
I just cant find my way
Unknown, unaware in this unknown arena
Where the fog is always grey
Blinded by the mist, few words unfold
Pain spoken through my poems, still so much untold
I am in a steady relationship with my pen and pain
I keep on reaching out, and its there to hold
The reliance on this pain
It overwhelms me
The addiction of this pain
It alarms me
I have already jumped ahead
I cant dare to look backward
I am standing on a cliff
I cant move forward
Instead of sitting and pretending
Must I accept its here to stay
Wounds outside, or scars concealed
Hurt it will, either ways
I am chanting my whimpers
Softly embracing theses draggers
I am falling, dispersing dust by dust
Consumed by this drug, I swagger
The pleasure of this pain
It touch and it sooths me
The arrogance of this pain
It strike and it shatters me
Engrossed in this pain
I make no effort to capsize me
Strange ! this pain pulsate in my being
And yet how it desensitize me
I am addicted to this pleasure
Give me all yours, i plead i borrow
I found my sanity once i am high in agony
Come grace me with your woes
And let me dance in ecstasy
Coz your pain is my addiction, my sorrow

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