Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Memories-llusions caged behind the bars of realm.....

 Enough of screaming silence
Enough of hushing down that inner voice
Scissors to snip or a needle to mend
Its time to make the righteous choice
Who will raise the toast for this amazing end?
Who will arrange for the enamoring celebrations?
Are you counting on feeble shoulders, how much can they fend?
Why are you extracting from rubbles, the power to mend
Who could have ever saved chaste dreams from evasions?
Who could seize, and efficaciously fisted the slipping sand?
A snap of finger, and mercilessly you are dragged out of dreamland
Tried have you? hiding in the attic, those fond memories?
Lived have you? all your heart conceived stories?
The thoughts the wishes, the frozen smile of a sealed moment?
The hopes, the desires, the grudges, the laments?
Have you replayed them all ,over and again?
If yes then give up, stop scrunching your soul
  Fluttering wet lashes will nab your being
Eyes closed, you will sink in past, drop by drop
you will keep on dispersing dust to dust;
This pleasing yet brutal process just wont stop
Sticking to the past or ignoring the future
Either ways, its deem to hammer life’s marathon
So stop gathering the scrapes of memories
Shun these deceptive crutches; cross the hurdles, move on
Instead of crying at demise, cherish what you had, rejoice
Its time to stop, inspect and make the righteous choice
Any thing stagnant is destined to decay
Why contain, consume, and lock it inside forever?
Why rely on pillars of illusion and compulsively stagger?
Lets not mar its beauty by sticking to deceitfully conceived notions
Succumbing to the situations, are we strong are we weak?
Surrendering, down on knees, does that make us meek?
Perspectives! Its all about perspectives
Sometimes we tread a long road for our contentment
And sometimes we give up the journey;
 So that someone else reach the destination
Who is a martyr, who is committing suicide of desires?
Who holds the flag, and bring victory home?
Not you, not me, its just selfless acts of innocent hearts
Strange are it ways, strange are its strategies
Sheltering the ones it care, in the deepest creases and folds
And making us, the holder of the hearts; mere refugees
What now? Where to? Heading for?? My soul ask
I stand clueless, with a tattered cloak of pretence
Cant feign anything now, I shy away with a torn apart mask
Memories! illusionary angels they are
Enchanting you, enticing you from behind the bar
They themselves are captivated in the cage of realities
How will they help you ease and drift afar?

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