Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sleep tonight

Sleep tonight my angel, just sleep and wither away
Let the silence wriggle in and let the illusions go astray
Tonight lids will stay calm,lashes will go in warm embrace
I am here, taking care, you let your dreams unleash and play

Just sleep tonight my angel ,on the wings of desires fly away…

Continuous traffic of memories will rip off your sleep
  Those march of thoughts, they will invite nightmares
Stop mulling over, just lye and breath life in your fairytale
This is the enigmatic world that we both will share

Sleep tonight my angel and leave the rest to me,I will take care..

Lay warm in the arms of your desires, and I will keep an eye
Let your heart design a chaste enigma and weave it into a dream
I will find a place in that oasis and will act my part to soothe you
Hopeless noises, will have to disappear, I will wipe off those screams

Just sleep in bliss tonight my angel, on the thread of tranquil beams..

Your yearnings will find their rescue in dreams tonight
And if they don’t, still its all fine, we are done hankering anyways
Confusion, sadness, desperations, they have no place tonight
So ward them off tonight my angel, just smile and dream away

Sleep tonight angel, and live all your dream before the crack of the day….
Sleep tonight my angel,this is our fairyland, and we are here to stay...

1 comment:

dhawal said...

awww.... really lovely...
sahi mein... the most carefreee poem of urs till now..