Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And she smiles

Life paints you a rainbow
Diffused colors of various emotions
Plethora of tints and shades
She looks at you and smiles
And she screams “its easy”
Life looks you in the eye
You might see a frown..
Her eyes may seem to argue
Her face screams agony
But she wears that smile
And she screams “its easy”
Life sketch out a maze
She gives you that sorted out look
She shows that every thing feels so right
She display that sense to figure out
How are you to know that she’s so confused?
She doesn’t know her way through
She herself doesn’t know what she planed for you
But when it gets too hard for her to disguise
She just flashes that smile
And screams” its easy”
Life gives you a dream
Unleash your desires
Makes you believe in illusions
Gives you reason to aspire
But her own eyes glitter with emptiness
Her own desires are captive to nightmare
Her own illusions are vary of colors
So when her own vibrancy starts giving up
She wears that cloak of courage
And she smiles
And she screams” its easy”


dhawal said...

hhmmmm.... a good thing...!!!
Perhaps even the best of things..!! :)
-the shawshank redemption

kanu sharma said...

Hats off to her smile....

And hats of to you...... For letting her smile...