Friday, December 9, 2011


Some times I hanker for the explanations...

Do these desires ignite the light of life?
Or are they just worthless fossils
Do they set ablaze that zest to live?
Or are they venom meant to kill...

Some times I stare at void and muse over....

Am I the person you consider me to be?
Or am I just a daft dwelling on misconceptions
Would I still fix in the frame you set for me?
Or will I fade into nonentity and exemptions

Some times I like to mull over...

Am I growing oblivion to life’s brazen facts
Or have I grown too accustom to dearth
Am I emerging as a salient warrior?
Or have I forgotten the winner’s worth

Some times I sit and wonder...

To take another breath and survive
Is a sentence to death every day?
Or evolving as a survivor every morn
Seals the fact, incompetence is here to stay

Some times I just sit and ponder....

Could I be a breeze and just float away?
Or would I have strength to hold on
Could I just waft into the state of oblivion?
Or would I be aware enough to move on

Some times I just hold my head and think...

Can I still feel that burning rage in my heart
Or have I extinguished that fire in my mind
Does it really pain half as much as I feel?
Or have I left strength to bear, far behind

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dhawal said...

ur minds eems to be wandering in a lot of directions now-a-days..... nice..!!! :) :)