Monday, December 12, 2011

Those unspoken words

They pierced my spirit and left a gaping hole
And at times they revived my sinking soul
They hurt, they tease and they conspire
And sometimes they ignite my dying fire
Those unspoken words ….

They chase me like a shadow on all walks of life
Yet they leave me in seclusion when their need is rife
They follow they echo , they set my silence free
And then they turn their back, and seize talking with me
Those unspoken words …..

I can never understand, how they ease my pain away
And I am confused, how they hurt me in every possible way
They have that key to let me free from shackles of isolation
And then they lock me up with my relentless frustration
Those unspoken words ……

They speak to me, stir my being, and bring me to life
But they dissolve in void  when their need is strife
Words, they fester in my heart, they are here to stay
Yet same words, they just don’t reach me,they choose to stay away
Those unspoken words …..


dhawal said...

nice.... brilliantly written...!!

naveen bist said...

True...unspoken words are the feelings that one desires but something that doesn't happen..these feelings do bring a joy in ones subconscious mind but pain in reality cause they cant b fulfilled...
But these unspoken words/feelings ..will always b dear. ..they make oneself go on for a better tomorrow. ..
Amazingly expressed...