Thursday, July 7, 2011


Lord! Do you understand me?
Just say, you understand me..

Though I feel like a fallen angel
Though I have lost my kindred light
Though I am slithering away from radiance
Though I am just the shadow of the night
I am ousted from my flame
But I am still the same
They are hurt; they must be seething
I am alive and I am still breathing
Sinking, drowning, gasping for air
But I keep breathing
Enough have I earned, enough you’ve fend me
Just one last favor
Just say, say you understand me
Feel free to think of me as anathema
Feel free to look at me despairing
Shake head at my bad judgments
Tag me as heathen, uncouth, scheming
I bow my head to all the blames
You can fix me in any frame
They are hurt; their eyes are bleeding
Sinking, drowning in the pool of their woes
Here I am alive, still breathing...
Enough have I destroyed your faith
 Enough you have mend me
Just one last favor
Please, say, say you understand me
I am just a fallen angel
And it was my choice to fall again
And yet I am stubborn to think;
The inference wasn’t that bad
Lord! You might try to pull me up
And proud resolute me, might refrain
People might go against my calculations
They may see deceptions in my pain
But if I attain my designed transitions
Despite all fallouts; I will be glad
Answerable to no one, I choose to be blight
Fancy, this discoloration of my soul
Amazed, they think of me as flawless being?
Awestruck, this ugly sight of my spirit
Dumbstruck, they saw me as an angel?
Sinking, drowning in sea of misconceptions
Tainted in disguise, I am still breathing
Tugging pulling the veils of falsity
Praying silently, hoping
Just hoping
In my true colors, you will stand me
Lord! Say for once
You do understand me
I no longer shudder in the nights
Numbness no more freezes my soul
I am not shaken by infinite derisions
Accusations don’t chase my whole
Ive weaned off my tears, eyes are dry
I don’t choke on words, neither do I cry
I dance among the demons of destiny
I smile through the piercing incisions
I can brave all the thorns you bestow
Just give me the sign, let me know
Show me that my efforts are reaching
Just a signal that they are healing
Seclusions are alive; vivacity is dyeing
drowning, sinking in whirlpool of contritions
Here i am alive, I am still breathing
In hope that, one day
You will decipher my gestures and me
Some day! Lord!
     You will understand me….


dhawal said...

My god...!!!! this is vintage stuff..!!!
I am dumbstruck..awestruck..starstruck and dunno what..!!! This was out of the world...!!

Bhavin said...

God understands you best. And HE will respond to your efforts...Be patient have faith..:)