Sunday, July 17, 2011

Silent Confessions

We were where the river ends
Flowing vigorously into the void
We were where the utopia conceived
Streaming through and through
We were the laughter
Echoing the valley of innocence
The mirage, the dream, the cliff
The fantasy, the presence, the absence
If I kept tracing the inevitable
Why should I crib and complain?
One step after another,
Though no firm land beneath
How could we ever have sustained?
Frail attempts where our intentions lie
Numb expressions when emotions cry
Defying our inner voices
Quivering disseminations
Silent confessions.......

Perfecting the charm of a con
Desperate act of a fleecer
Painful labor of concealed thoughts
Debating breadth of an actor
Arguing essence of enlivened dreams
Transitions from fake to actual
Transcend of satiety to frustrations
So staggering yet so stable
Waking dreams or sleeping facts
Ripping all with solemnity acts
Walking through the fog of confusions
Blinded by compassion haze
Turning revelations into a maze
Soft surrender
Denied submissions
Silent confessions........

Impatient oceans,boiling with fury
Swelled with raging eagerness
Waves determined to prove discredits
The unkempt geometry of fierceness
Changing images like distorted emotions
Embracing shapes of the shapeless
Trying to mould the tides in patterns
Relentless efforts to bound the boundless
Aware that the contrary is so obvious
Still small bargains we keep on striking
Treading with mislead conscious
Moments to moments, we keep on ambling
So much for compassion
Silent confession.......

Our dreams are fluorescent
Breathing life only in dark
Our desires like weary bird
Wings on lease,scrawny bark
Lithe frame of faith and trust
Shudders whilst in slumber of deceptions
Belief wiped off our fragile hopes
Attempts to sort out the misconceptions
Skimming and sieving words
Slicing and dicing every sentence
With efforts of a fish wriggling on sand
Learning to breathe,while her life is forsaken
Unprepossessing the prepossessions
Helpless sessions......
Silent confessions......


dhawal said...

you know.. you have the awesome ability to move the reader with your words... though the theme of your poems is another matter to discuss of...

Bhavin said...

Great one!!
Many times I run short of words!!!