Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Deceptions-Dark yet vibrant

You want the dreams transcend in a form?
You want to make miracles obey logics?
Inclinations are beyond rules and barriers
A literature of emotions sans summations and prefix
It’s deceptive, fable unattainable yet so possessed
It’s so deceptive

The rules that we respect, deprive us from glee
The appeal we encrust, break us beyond repair
The pact we tried overlooking stare back at our face
We struggle for smile; they shower us with despair
Its deceptive, pacts of glee bursting with angst
It’s so deceptive

You never get what you yearn, you are left craving
And someone always gives you more than you wanted
This game continues without any rule or restrictions
Pawns bounce back & forth, giving, taking, exhausted
Its deceptive; endeavor to give is a process to rip
It’s so deceptive

To design someone in larger than life statements
To frame the unexpected gift in a chained d├ęcor
To test your patience and dream over and again
To try chasing false aspirations, and returning sore
It’s deceptive; illusions conceived in dark yet so radiant
It’s so deceptive

Its wrong
To seek for more than you deserve
Wait with patience, life will take curve


Bhavin said...

Wait with Patience for Miracle to happen...
And It will happen without following the logic or rules...:)
Great one indeed

dhawal said...

nicely written..!! but this is the whole play of life.... We fall,we learn... If there were nothing to hurt us..to push us back.... There wont be anything to thrust us forward into life.... we'd be stagnant...