Monday, July 11, 2011

Heaven in her pocket

 Do you think she is a manic-depressive?
It’s not about winning; she isn’t obsessive
She is not the pawn that takes the queen
She lost coz she wanted to..
Though her winning streaks were massive
She gave up and fall frail
Not asking to be protected
She was always her own guard
Drawing the sketches from baseless wishes
Scooping the dreams from hollow illusion
Arguments that she chose to loose
Coerced with already lost assertions
All she wanted was a small heaven in her pocket
A pocket too small to contain actualities
Yet a pocket too large to consume her dreams
All those addictions
Takes her back to space when,
Sober was the time when she got wasted
Wasted was the time when she gained sanity
Lost was the time she found herself
And findings led to perplexities
Unnecessary provocations
It was easy to lie when her soul was the truest
It was easy to corrupt when her thought were the purest
Tangled road, and her invasions
How hard. How easy. How irrational
A small pocket full of desideratum
A small pocket spent with requests
Falsity rained heavy when she removes the veil
She twitches and blinked hard to see the realm
How many ghosts has she soiled?
How many angels has she tainted?
Compulsively trying to peel spirits off skin
How many times her trials fainted?
Actions irrelevant as they don’t ease anyone
Trying hard to make castles of sand
Only to be ripped apart and swallowed by merciless sea
she rush after the waves, chased her dispersed dream
And , just dust lands in her hand, that she see
But she smiles, shrugs carelessly and heads for worst
Always knew it was coming
She carried her tattered dreams tightly clasped to her chest
She carried the wet sheet smeared by tears
She carried the mask that was torn apart
She carried the melting drops of frozen pretence
They kept calling her, her hallucinations
But she was determined not to look back this time
Cold ,firm ,thoughtless
No more victims to fall prey to her disorder
No more display of compulsive lineage
She needs to reach the cliff
She failed coz she wanted to
This time she wants something else
She will win to loose her hallucinations
She has fallen from the darkest of the skies
She woke up before she could reach the light
Nothing else can mar her journey now
Nothing can add burns to the plight
With a steady pace she is chasing life
The heaven in her pocket too small to shelter desires
The desires too high beyond her reach
There are no miracles in this world
For every dream there is a price to pay
Sun rises,she gather her vision
Trying to paint illusions from scratch
Drifting afar with petitions astray
Chasing fickle spec of happiness
But the darkness of the night covers soon
The sun sets, she sees…
Her world ending every day


Bhavin said...

Yes..Heaven is in your pocket..Create your own heaven...
Nice one...:)

dhawal said...

to evry dream.. there is a price to pay.... true
But it is upto us to realize when to stop chasing dreamy things and stop us from goin bankrupt of what we have in our hands...!!!!

P.S: yaar.. try writing in paragraphs... it presents a more orderly sense..