Saturday, July 9, 2011

Realignment of life


If I could rearrange the alignment of my life
There will be long queue of petitions to be sorted out
The almanac will be organized with precision
Synchronization would have been more devout

Oh! Now I realize
Triumph and failure are synonym to each other
They have no worth when we talk about gratifications
I kept slogging,defying my heart, raving for shoddy applaud
My life flitted; my palms empty, left with fake approbations

If I could realign my life, I would have chosen dust over stars
At least I could trace my finger on dust, imprinting my desires
I would have turned every twig of no into lush green path of yes
Every twig of denial would have inflamed that inner fire

If I was to rearrange the enormous maze of life
You wouldn’t have got any chance to play a single slide
Dice would be manipulated, influenced all the throws
My domain, my moves. And my rules to abide

If you would have spoiled game with your coerced stride
I would have undone, and challenged your motives
Everything would be shuffled for my convenience
Damn with Logical intents, entire plot will be revisited

Though you force us in this world
But it would have been my show
Given a chance to realign my life from scratch
I would have sealed few moments
Grabbed few gems
Paused my life
Would have never let my smile go…


Bhavin said...

Keep trying...try your best to realign life as everybody is doing..never have regret of not trying your best...give your best and rest will follow...:)

dhawal said...

nice...!!!! THis was good...!!!! :) :) :)